Case Studies

Whatever your industry, whatever type of plastic extrusion you need, we can help. We realized a long time ago, being successful in business comes from helping our customers be successful in theirs. Here are a few examples:

Case Study: Hockey Dasher Board Manufacturer

Plastic profile for sports safety
A company that supplies dasher boards to 75% of National Hockey League arenas wanted to improve player safety by softening the blow of board collisions. Their plan was to create an impact-absorbing cover for the tops of boards which would reduce the risk of injury without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the dasher boards.
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Case Study: Entry Door Frame Manufacturer

Create easy-to-assemble and maintain, attractive door frame
A major manufacturer of entry door frames wanted to create a product that looked good and was easy to assemble and maintain.
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Case Study: National Office Products Manufacturer

Develop a game-changing design for an industry standard
Smead, a national office products manufacturer, wanted to introduce a game-changing improvement to the traditional green hanging file folders that have been an industry mainstay.
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Case Study: Window and Door Manufacturer

Fabrication and welding of multiple colors and plastic profiles
A major window manufacturer set out to introduce a new, high definition glazing bead to improve the aesthetics of its double hung window.
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Case Study: Refrigerator Manufacturer

Replace powder-coated steel with cost-saving plastic extrusion
White powder-coated steel has a distinctive look but can be very expensive. Recreating that look with a plastic extrusion profile was the challenge Intek Plastics was given by a leading refrigerator manufacturer for its shelve edging.
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Case Study: Agricultural Products Distributor

Reduce lead times and inventory levels
An agricultural products distributor contacted Intek Plastics searching for a domestic supplier to help reduce lead times and inventory levels without increasing overall product cost.
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