Plastic Extrusion Services

Plastic Extrusion Specialty Services

Product needs aren’t limited to lineal extrusions. Neither are we. Intek Plastics delivers post-extrusion services that save you time and money by fully fabricating your part. Our tightly controlled, in-line processes include printing, coating, tape application, precision cut-to-length, complex punch-outs, intricate end-cuts, and highly accurate drilling and routing. We also develop custom processes for ready-to-use assemblies to meet your requirements.

We provide a broad selection of specialty services that save you time and reduce costs. Need something else? Just ask. We’re continually expanding our capabilities to make your job easier.


Specialty Services Include:

  • Coating
  • Complex punch-outs
  • Cost-reduction initiatives
  • Custom assembly
  • Highly accurate drilling and routing
  • Intricate end-cuts
  • Inventory management
  • Precision cut-to-length
  • Printing
  • Returnable packaging
  • Sequenced deliveries
  • Tape application

What To Expect From Your Extrusion Supplier

  • Initial sales consultations – we begin by discussing your application, performance needs and design aesthetics to better understand the requirement you need to meet.
  • Project engineering reviews – our skilled engineers will review the design and suggest improvements and cost reductions, including tweaks that can make your part more manufacturable.
  • Raw material support – Our technical staff can suggest a variety of raw materials to choose from providing pros and cons of each.
  • Fabrication recommendations – If needed we can help determine the best path to fabricate additional work into your part including printing, hole cutting and assembly.
  • Die building – we can provide options for simple low volume / prototype dies up to complex multi-material co-extrusion tri-extrusion tooling, made in-house.
  • Finished part analysis – measurement and testing results along with 200’ of samples sent to you to confirm part we manufacture meet your tolerances, and we’ll not charge a penny more if something needs reworking.
  • Production planning – Operational experts can work with your forecasts to implement a process that works best for you.
  • Shipping – From basic packaging to extra strength crating or coiling we can provide finished parts to seamlessly fit your production requirements.
  • Customer support – Our team of customer service experts will assist with purchase orders, shipping notification and invoicing whenever necessary.

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