Custom Plastic Tri-Extrusions

Custom Plastic Tri-Extrusions

Similar to plastic co-extrusion, custom plastic tri-extrusion involves the extrusion of three different molten materials through three distinct extruders. Within a specialized die, the materials merge to form a product with three layers. Our cohesive profiles guarantee to save you time, labor, and cost.

Advantages of Plastic Tri-Extrusions

  • Cost & Time Efficiency: Tri-extrusion technologies can provide complex parts at a lower total cost with reduced assembly time
  • Color & Aesthetics: Rigid and flexible plastics offer distinct functionality and aesthetic properties. Even without painting, colors are vibrant, scratch-resistant, and provide protection against even the harshest elements
  • Enhanced Durability: A combined variety of durable plastics will result in products that are more resistant to wear, impact, and environmental factors
  • Customization: Each layer of the plastic extrusion is tailored to meet your specific requirements or create unique combinations

Custom Plastic Tri-Extrusion Materials

Tri-extrusion is a specialized manufacturing process by which three or more thermoplastic materials are extruded. The three materials consist of rigid and flexible properties that include:

Plastic Tri-Extrusion Applications

Plastic tri-extrusions are used for a variety of applications across industries like construction, refrigeration, and more. Specific examples of custom plastic tri-extrusions manufactured by Intek include reflective materials such as sidewalls, a PVC lens, and a rubber-like gasket on the inside of the leg that keeps elements out and helps with the retention of the LED board.

Custom plastic tri-extrusion applications include: 

  • Window and door frames
  • Refrigerator parts
  • Weather seals

Custom Manufactured Plastic Profiles

When it comes to custom plastic tri-extrusions, Intek is your go-to plastic solutions manufacturer. Plastic tri-extrusions are a versatile manufacturing process that can be used across various industries for an innumerable amount of applications. In an ever-changing technological world, the possibilities for plastic tri-extrusions continue to grow.