Other Markets


Uses for plastic extrusions have grown exponentially in recent years as raw materials and manufacturing capabilities have advanced. Odds are, the quality extruded profiles we manufacture today, could help you improve your performance in industrial markets while reducing your production and service costs.

We deliver the best custom plastic extrusions possible by recommending the material for your application, reviewing your designs, machining a custom tool and running samples to create a foundation for smooth production.

Contact us to discuss your custom plastic extrusion needs and we'll put our engineering expertise to work, evaluating the application, characteristics of relevant materials, production process and lead times.


Other Market Applications

  • Production of plastic profiles smaller than ¼" to over 10" in size
  • Custom in-house tooling for faster design, testing and production
  • Ability to use multiple materials in one profile
  • In-depth experience working with the performance characteristics of more than 30 thermoplastic compounds

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