TPV Plastic Extrusions

Material Update:
The global availability of TPV is currently limited due to damaged production resources in the supply chain. Because we work with multiple suppliers as a normal business practice, we have numerous options that can be a great (or sometimes superior) substitute. We’re happy to walk you through the possibilities! Call us today to discuss your needs & let us find a material solution for you.

TPV Plastic Extrusions


TPV provides a good balance of tensile strength, tear resistance, low temperature flexibility, and weatherability. Available as a natural colored, colorable compound.

Shore Hardness (15 sec) 64A scaleD-2240
Specific Gravity 0.95D-792
Tensile Stress @ 100% 319psiD-412
Tensile Strength @ break 827psiD-412
Tensile Elongation @ break 470%D-412
Compression Set @ 158F 32%D-395B
Brittleness Temperature -81°FD-746



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