Plastic Extrusions for Telecommunication & Data Centers

Plastic Extrusions for Data Centers

Plastic Profiles for the Telecom Industry

Intek Plastics can create custom plastic extrusions for telecommunication, involving a wide range of technologies including wired communications, mobile networking, satellite communication, and more. The telecom industry is constantly changing and evolving as technology continues to advance. Custom plastic extrusions are widely used to protect equipment and infrastructure within the industry.

Intek is also capable of creating extrusions for power management, distribution, data centers, and new energy generation. Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process that involves forcing thermoplastic materials through a specialized die to create a specific shape or profile. Common types of plastic extrusion include plastic co-extrusions and plastic tri-extrusions.

Plastic Extrusion Applications for Telecommunication & Data CentersPlastic Extrusions for Telecommunication

Common plastic extrusion applications used for Telecommunication & Data Centers include:

  • Data Center Containment Systems & Aisles
  • Extruded PVC Tubing
  • Linear Plastic Enclosures
  • Bus Bar Insulators
  • Cable and Wire Management

Plastic Extrusion Materials Used in the Telecom Industry

Benefits of Plastic Extrusions for Telecommunication

  • Customizable: The shape, size, and color of extruded plastic profiles can be easily customized to suit your design
  • Durable: Extruded plastic profiles are known for durability, able to combat a variety of weather conditions such as moisture, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations.
  • Cost-Efficient: Extruded plastics are often more affordable than other common materials, making them an economical choice for producing components in the telecommunications industry.
  • Recyclable: Recycled plastic materials are sustainable and reduce environmental impact when used to create new profiles and components. Ask about our recycled plastic options!

Your Go-To Plastic Extrusion Company

When your products need superior plastic extrusions, Intek can be your innovation partner. Our experience in collaborative design, material selection, and supply chain efficiency, ensures that you’ll get products that fit seamlessly into your manufacturing stream. Further, we can virtually source any plastic extrusion material that requires specific performance parameters (high dielectric strength, etc).

From our initial sales consultation to shipping out your products, our design process is a crucial part of creating your custom plastic extrusion. Request a quote today!