Custom Lighting Extrusion Profiles & Lenses

Lighting Plastic Extrusions, Custom Lighting Extrusion Profiles and Lenses

Turn your bright ideas into reality. Specialists in extrusion profiles and lenses for linear lighting applications, Intek understands the evolving demands of the lighting market. When collaborating with Intek Plastics’ team of experts, you get more than just high-quality extruded lighting components, you gain a competitive edge.


We are committed to collaborating with you to revolutionize products with cutting-edge lighting solutions. Our skilled engineers work closely with you to recommend the perfect materials and provide engineering assistance that ensures your custom extruded lighting profiles and diffuser lenses conform to your precise standards. Contact us to learn more.


Plastic Extruded Lenses, Diffusers, and Reflectors


A Bright Idea: Working With Intek Plastics

A Bright Idea: Working with Intek Plastics

When it comes to custom extruded diffusers, lenses and housings, Intek is your go-to source of high-quality plastics, expert engineers and intelligent lighting extrusions. Our dedication to the craft of processing highly engineered polymers, including acrylics and polycarbonates, has given us a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of each and the applications for which each is best suited. Intek can inherently recognize which plastic materials will deliver the best performance for your application.


Collaborative Design

Whether it’s for industrial, commercial, architectural or area lighting applications, we are committed to delivering the highest quality and performance in linear profile extrusions for the lighting market. We’re driven by the idea that the best work comes from craftsmanship, communication, and great teamwork. From your very first conversation through delivery of your final order, we make it our priority to provide best-in-class customer service throughout the entire lighting extrusion process. Contact us to learn more.

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