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Custom Plastic Extrusion Manufacturer

Intek Plastics is a custom plastic extrusion manufacturer that specializes in designing, manufacturing, assembling and delivering a wide variety of customized plastic extrusions that allow your product to reach its full potential.

For the last 50+ years we've provided a broad selection of services that save you time and reduce costs. We’re proud to have over 200 Intek Plastics associates working together to create value for our customers through their commitment to the principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

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Custom Plastic Profile Extrusions

  • Plastic Extrusion Design Engineering - Design engineering is the first and most crucial aspect of a custom plastic extrusion. 85% of a product’s cost is determined by design, which is why Intek Plastics has an expert design engineering staff ready to work with you to ensure the optimum in performance and cost.
  • Plastic Extrusion Tooling - Intek Plastics’ tool and die team applies their knowledge and expertise with the most advanced CAD/CAM software, CNC machining and the latest in EDM technology to custom build the highest quality tools. They’ll work with you to literally shape your ideas and take them from concept to production.
  • Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing Capabilities - We hold several co-extrusion patents and are capable of extruding up to 4 dissimilar materials into one multi-durometer profile. This allows you the flexibility to meet almost any combination of requirements in one profile including impact resistance, color, stiffness and weatherability.
  • Plastic Extrusion Specialty Services - Our tightly controlled, in-line processes include printing, coating, tape application, precision cut-to-length, complex punch-outs, intricate end-cuts, and highly accurate drilling and routing. We also develop custom processes for ready-to-use assemblies to meet your requirements.

Custom Plastic Extrusions

Intek Plastics provides engineered thermoplastic custom extrusions, fabricated sub-assemblies and value added services to OEM's requiring high-performance, custom plastic solutions. We serve the demand of various applications and industries to help solve the most challenging problems. Extrusion types include:

  • Profile Extrusions
  • Tube Extrusions
  • Co-Extrusions
  • Tri-Extrusions

Plastic Extrusion & Profile Applications

Our experts at Intek Plastics specialize in custom extruded plastic profiles that are essential in creating a wide range of products that serve industries and applications such as:

Plastic Extrusions Materials

Intek Plastics proudly works closely with industry-leading material manufacturers and has extensive experience extruding more than 30 different thermoplastic polymer compounds, including ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), Acrylic, CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), Flexible PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Mineral Filled Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Styrene, TPA (Thermoplastic Alloy), and TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate).

  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) - ABS is a terpolymer made by polymerizing styrene and acrylonitrile in the presence of polybutadiene.
  • Acrylic - Acrylic provides a good balance of strength, weatherability, and clarity. Acrylic has gained widespread because of its amazing light transmission and ability to replace glass.
  • CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) - CPVC provides a good balance of high temperature performance, stiffness, impact resistance and inherent UL94 flame performance. Available in natural color, and pre-colored grey.
  • Flexible PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) - Flexible PVC provides a good balance of tensile strength, tear resistance, and weatherability. Very popular due to its versatility and low cost. It’s available as a natural or colorable compound with a choice of durometers, biocide, and NSF.
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) - PVC is the third most popular synthetic plastic polymer in the world and is a true workhorse in the extrusion industry. It is widely used for multiple applications in almost every market. PVC comes in two basic forms: rigid (sometimes abbreviated as RPVC) and flexible PVC (FPVC).
  • RPVC (Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride) - Rigid PVC, is a material that provides a good balance of stiffness, impact resistance, UV stability, and inherent UL flame performance. Rigid PVC is also often used as a replacement for metal and wood in numerous applications and works great with embossing and textures for highly visible parts.
  • Mineral Filled Polypropylene - Mineral filled polypropylene provides thermal stability, good low temperature properties and good dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.
  • Polycarbonate - Polycarbonate provides a good balance of stiffness, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, high & low temperature performance, and colorability. Available as a natural colored, colorable compound.
  • Polyethylene - Polyethylene provides a good balance of strength, low temperature performance, and colorability. Available as a natural colored, colorable compound.
  • Polypropylene - Polypropylene copolymer provides a good balance of strength, impact resistance, low temperature performance, and colorability. Available as a natural colored, colorable compound.
  • Styrene - Styrene provides a good balance of strength, stiffness, toughness, and colorability. Available as a natural colored, colorable compound.
  • TPA (Thermoplastic Alloy) - Thermoplastic Alloy is a very low durometer compound, suitable for use in applications such as weatherstrips, gaskets, etc. The compound exhibits very good compression set, elongation and low temperature properties. Available as a natural colored, colorable, UV stabilized compound.
  • TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) - TPV provides a good balance of tensile strength, tear resistance, low temperature flexibility, and weatherability. Available as a natural colored, colorable compound.

We’re always testing new or improved materials to be able to offer you a wider selection of material choices. Not sure what’s best for your application? Contact us or download our Material Selection Guide.

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