Glazing Bead Manufacturer

Intek’s profound experience in the construction and fenestrations industries, makes us one of the nation’s premiere glazing beads suppliers. And we come by it naturally. We earned our stripes among glazing beads manufacturers for numerous well known window and door OEMs around the country.


A Leading Glazing Bead Supplier

Quality products start with quality tooling. Intek Plastics’ tool and die team applies their knowledge and expertise with the most advanced CAD/CAM software, CNC machining, and the latest in EDM technology to custom build the highest quality tools for any number of glazing bead profiles.


Vinyl Window Beading

When you’re looking for the list of extruded plastic and glazing vinyl suppliers in the USA, Intek Plastics should be at the top of your list. We have experience extruding over 30 different thermoplastic compounds from lightweight polypropylenes to tough polycarbonates to PVC’s optimized to be used as beading on doors and windows.