Extruded Weatherstripping

Intek works with some the largest window and door manufacturers to produce world-class extruded weatherstripping, door seals, and custom window seals. Our unparalleled experience delivering these innovative, high-performing window and door seals makes us the first (and sometimes only) choice for many high-volume, quality-focused OEM’s.


Extruded Weatherstripping & Seals

When you partner with Intek, you’re getting a champion that intimately understands the fenestration industry and has no problem going the extra mile. Whether it’s improving your extruded weatherstripping supply chain or it’s creating a brand new custom window seal for a new product, Intek is your perfect choice for the design and manufacturing of high-quality weatherstripping and seals.


Custom Weatherstripping

Intek’s legacy of collaborative innovation continues today with our leading-edge work in co-extrusions, color-matching, UV performance, and extreme weatherability. Our engineers work right alongside you, ensuring your custom window and door seals will perfectly match your product specifications and always exceed your service expectations.