Indoor Vertical Farming Plastic Extrusion

The future of indoor vertical farming and gardening systems is incredibly bright and Intek is perfectly-positioned to help OEM’s deliver extruded plastic components that can elevate any vertical farming project.

Whether it’s increasing crop yields on a smaller footprint, fully controlled-environments on an industrial level, or systems aimed at hobbyists, the conversation around increasing efficiency, diversity, and hyper-localization is here to stay.

Intek is one of the world’s leading – and most future looking – plastic extrusion specialists. Our team of engineers help our partners solve problems and find opportunities on the daily. And our talented production teams generate plastic extrusions from the most basic to the incredibly complex. We haven’t met a project we couldn’t sink our teeth into.

Indoor vertical farming and garden systems present significant challenges that traditional farming does not. Handling specific growing mediums, lighting conditions, and irrigation management are a few of the questions that plastic extrusions can help answer. From a simple wall garden to industrial rack systems, we can produce channels, housings, components, and all-in-one solutions that help simplify your supply chain and processes.

And our experience is your advantage. We’ve worked with some of the world’s best OEM’s in lighting, appliances, construction, and power management. We pride ourselves on comprehensive, yet simple solutions. And our co-extrusion capabilities allow us to combine two different materials into one component, thus saving you time, cost, and complexity. We’re excited to help make your custom indoor vertical farming and gardening systems a reality and a shining example of what’s possible.