Innovation Meets Sustainability: Intek Plastics Unveils New Bioplastic Composite Extrusion Materials

Intek Plastics, a leading provider of plastic extruded components for diverse applications, proudly announces the launch of three innovative and sustainable biocomposite plastic materials. Focused on reducing environmental impact while delivering superior performance, Intek’s new materials offer a compelling solution for businesses seeking more sustainable alternatives without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

Reduced-Carbon-Offset MaterialsBioplastic

Intek’s revolutionary biocomposite contains 10% to 20% UBQ™ municipal waste, combined with traditional or recycled ABS for enhanced sustainability. Available in standard gray/green or custom colors, these material formulations offer performance and durability. Moreover, they can be co- or tri-extruded, ensuring versatility across a wide range of applications, such as lighting fixtures, hydroponic channels, window and door components and extrusions for other products.

Wood Biocomposite (in Formulation and Validation)Wood Biocomposite

Offering a unique textured aesthetic, Intek is developing and validating a wood biocomposite material. This formulation combines wood byproducts with recycled polyolefins, providing visual appeal and environmental benefits. Additional filler materials such as hemp, oats and wood flours are being researched and tested. Biobased and/or biodegradable carriers are currently in development for even greater sustainability and versatility.

Glucose-Based BioplasticLinear Lighting Diffuser

A transparent bioplastic, Intek’s innovative transparent materials are derived from starch and have excellent optical properties, with over 92% light transmission. This biocomposite is developed mainly from plant-based isosorbide. BPA-free, it combines the advantages of polycarbonate (PC) and polymethacrylate (PMMA). With superb impact and scratch resistance, this line of materials is ideally suited for diffusers, optical lenses and greenhouse panels. Certified by the USDA BioPreferred Program, these materials adhere to stringent sustainability standards, reflecting Intek Plastics’ commitment to environmental stewardship.

“Our new bioplastic composite extrusion materials represent a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” says Kevin Hogan, CEO of Intek Plastics. “By offering eco-friendly alternatives without compromising performance or aesthetics, we empower our customers to make environmentally responsible choices while gaining a competitive edge in the market.”

For more information or to inquire about these sustainable materials, visit Intek Plastics’ website at or call 651-437-7700.

Intek is committed to collaborating with customers to revolutionize products with cutting-edge extrusion solutions. The company’s skilled engineers work closely with customers to recommend the perfect materials and provide engineering assistance, ensuring that custom extruded components conform to precise standards.

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