TPA (Thermoplastic Alloy)



Thermoplastic Alloy is a very low durometer compound, suitable for use in applications such as weatherstrips, gaskets, etc. The compound exhibits very good compression set, elongation and low temperature properties. Available as a natural colored, colorable, UV stabilized compound.

Hardness 12Shore AD-2240
Specific Gravity 0.90D-792
Melt Flow Rate (190°C, 2.16 kg load) 5.0g/10 minD-1238
Tensile Strength @ Break 150psiD-412
Elongation @ Break 340%D-412
Tensile Stress @ 100% 50psiD-412
Tensile Stress @ 300% 140psiD-412
Compression Set: 73 F 8%D-395 (B)
Compression Set: 158 F 23%D-395 (B)
Compression Set: 176 F 33%D-395 (B)
Tear Strength 40lb/inD-624
Brittleness Temp < -76°FD-746



The information provided above is based on typical values, and is believed to be reliable. No warranty is given as to the suitability of the product for a particular application. Determination of the suitability of this product for any use is solely the responsibility of the user.