Andersen Honors Supply Chain Partners

Window & Door Magazine,  Aug. 30, 2011

As part of an initiative to promote innovation and sustainability to create advantages across the supply chain, Andersen Corp. has recognized six companies with its first Supply Chain Awards. Winners include:

  • Truth Hardware for its focus on customer needs by providing a unique tilt latch and lock system combination for Andersen's A-Series double-hung windows.
  • Menasha Packaging Co. for a sustainable packaging solution, which reduces fiber content by 18 percent and successfully maintains integrity and performance while providing Andersen a substantial cost saving.
  • Guardian Industries Corp. for its development of ClimaGuard 63/31, a product pivotal in Silver Line's ability to meet Energy Star and federal tax credit requirements.
  • Cardinal Glass Industries for its full participation with a life-cycle assessment, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable products and processes.
  • Sierra Pacific Industries for its investments in forest management and redirecting logging debris to improve air quality and addressing the global issues of climate change.
  • Intek Plastics for the custom extruder's efforts in reducing energy use, including a decrease of more than 1 million kilowatt hours or 17 percent in 2010, and reducing its material scrap by 24 percent in the same period.

“These efforts are just good business–a win-win-win," says Jerry Redmond, Andersen senior vice president of supply chain and operations. "Good for profitability, with the people and with the environment.”

“Not only did we do right by the environment,” says Mike Kinning, president of Intek Plastics, “we also did a lot of right things for the company and the bottom line, which is really important in this economy. Our energy steering committee is to be applauded for their great leadership and direction in identifying and implementing improvements in the plant and office."

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