Why Choose Intek Plastics

Combining our best practices with yours, we can help make your products perform even better. Through collaboration with Intek, you will benefit from our 50-year history, advanced quality systems, ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement, environmental stewardship, and dedicated associates with an average tenure of 20 years.

Intek Plastics-We Do Things Differently

Our Process

Intek is an engineering and process-driven company. This means we’ll ask a lot of questions and thoroughly assess your needs and the factors that could impact the performance and quality of your extrusions.


Intek Plastics-You'll have Peace of Mind

Commitment to Quality

It’s a given: you want quality extrusions. But let’s be honest. What you really want is peace of mind that you’ll actually get the quality promised. Our results speak for themselves.


Intek Plastics-Improve

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is more than a buzzword around Intek – it drives everything we do. We relentlessly pursue improvements to gain efficiency and eliminate waste. Ultimately, this means your products will be delivered on time, to your precise specifications, at the best overall value.


Intek Plastics-Environment

Environmental stewardship

As you look to your supply chain partners to support your company’s sustainability efforts, know that Intek Plastics shares your commitment to environmental stewardship.